Hello, yes, welcome.

hello ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to our lives. well, part of our lives, well, mostly whatever we choose to chat about in regards to our lives. ok, so pretty much everything.

i’ve been thinking for a while that i’d like to put some good vibes out there and write about the adventures great and small that i have with my best friends. so here we are. i’m not an expert, so there will be a great many fun mistakes you get to watch me make along this little journey – grammatically and with my life. but it’s more fun this way, right? (plz agree with me),

let me introduce you to the gal pals i experience the world with. we have steph (left), and mimi (right) (me in the middle). learn more about them by reading my bloggy blogs.

there’s a lot on the horizon for #shanstephmimihavingagoodtime that i’d like to share with you. as well as other stories of misadventures, nights with a glass* (*bottle) of wine, and fun little side notes that make extraordinary out of ordinary days.

so keep posted! in the mean time, i’m going to learn how to use the amazing WordPress to the best of my skills, for the betterment of your viewing pleasure.

stay golden,



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