My comet is gone. I was too much for him, and at the same time not enough.

I was too much in love with him, I wanted too much to be part of his world and future. And that terrified him.

I wasn’t enough. That part of a person that speaks to the others soul and makes it say “you’re worth it, everything. I can’t ever let this go.” That was missing in me for him. I saw that in him and he didn’t see it in me. That’s all.

And it sucks. Every way it sucks so damn much.

He is gone now, to find those pieces of himself that have been missing for so long. I don’t envy him that. He needs it. Everyone deserves to be whole. I’m just so sad that I won’t be there to see that journey and his outcome.

That’s all there is for this love story. This tragedy.

The end.



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