The Weekend That Brought Me Back To Life.

Back to adventuring. It’s been a while. Sitting in sullen silence isn’t going to happen anymore.

Read on for jam-packed recommendations for things to do and places to go in Brisbane, QLD.


Wednesday: date night/catch up drinks/hanging out with an previous work colleague. At my favourite new bar in Brisbane. The Osbourne. Different to what I usually like, which is intimate, darkly lit, scarcely packed places. But the Osbourne has a really nice vibe. I can’t explain it. Just go there and see for yourself 🙂

Anyway, back to Wednesday night. We had some beers, caught up on our lives over the past 12 months. I ordered a Margarita, the bartender thought I meant the drink, I meant the pizza. So I got both. Needless to say really, the next day was a tough one.

Thursday: My best friends 14 year old daughter ran away from her dad’s place. We didn’t find her and get her home until midnight. 6+ hours gone.

Friday: Australia Day public holiday. S & I got breakfast at the cutest little cafe. Miss Jones (total instagram-worthy interior & lighting #excusememiss) and followed up with a beer at the Osbourne, again. Until 2am. Now, I am the person who sneaks out at 9pm to use the bathroom, at home, and sleep. So being anywhere until 2am is not my idea of fun. But this was different. The companionship made it great. Made me last. Like a good viagra for the soul. (ewww).

Saturday: Due to the very very very late/early bedtime, I wasn’t able to drag myself out of anywhere until well into the afternoon. S had to convince me to put on pants to get dinner. (I put on a dress instead, because I’m strong independent woman who don’t get told what to do). We went out for dinner to the Mill on Constance Street. Turns out! They have a ragtag band of merry folk, anyone is welcome to join and sing some ditties. We caught the last few acts of some amazing Irish folk covers of AC/DC, Queen and the like.

Sunday: (My personal favourite!) Breakfast with B & S at The Little Pantry. Followed by a day trip down to our new favourite place to get plants, Mazz & Co Nursery! If plants are what you want, visit Mazz. We have a green balcony now, which is lovely in the middle of the Valley. Our own sanctuary. And it will likely continue to grow! And of course, no potplant garden is complete without pots. A quick trip to Spotlight, Kmart, Big W, Tempt (we got distracted, went on a clothes shopping tangent..). We are set!

After the busiest of days, came the easiest of nights. Movies with M – Darkest Hour – WWII Winston Churchill political struggle. Good conversation points. M mentioned something about the use of lighting the film is shot with, to portray mood & effect. I don’t remember the name. But the way that he noticed and appreciated the cinematography of it was pretty cool.

Monday night: K’s birthday. My best friend is 40. And how I love thee. Dinner at Jamie’s Italian . With her beautiful little family, beautiful children. We’ve been friends for 5, maybe 6 years? Funny to think of the passing of time. We’ve been there for a lot of heartbreaks and lovers, new jobs and losses.


Sigh. I’m exhausted just re-reading that. Needless to say, I am looking forward to a few quieter nights in.


Too busy to think. Too happy to be sad.




PS: For a gallery of these adventures, you can visit Instagram and the #adventuresofshan 

PPS: This is also a personal Instagram, so there’s a lot of vanity poured into some of these pictures. Welcome to my life. Enjoy! 


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