People and Places Starting with M.

By whatever sick joke the universe was playing that day, everything was M. Mostly. 


M & I blocked out The Whole Saturday for adventuring.


Maleny. I’ve decided that Maleny or the like will be where Shan retires to. Be it at 35, 50, or 80. I will spend my days in the countryside. Rolling hills. Hobby farm. Pitched roof. Gate and jungle garden leading to the cosy homely house. We entrusted our dreams, desires, imagined futures to each other.


Gardeners Falls – in a word: Magical. Pools and pools of fresh cold chilling sunlit sparkling water stepping down to bigger and bigger waterfalls. Kids, locals, visitors, swinging off ropes into the water, throwing themselves off the top of the edge to the deep below. We swam in the sunlight when it got cold, and paddled back to the shadows when that got too hot.


We drove through Monteville, stopped for Coffee & Chips in Mapleton. Drove around marvelling at the shingled-roofed cottages. An entirely different world to the city at the bottom of the mountains.


We stopped at Maroochydore Beach for a dip in the ocean, to wash the sweat off us from our hikes through the mountains. To feel the salt water in our eyes and sun on our backs, to rub sand into our skin, to dive under the waves and rise again, like seeing the sky for the first time ever.


The parts where we drove, mid-adventure, was the most adventurous. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who can read me so well and yet not fully understand me. Like an open book in a different language. And when I translate to him, it just makes sense – no judgement. No question. Just “oh, that’s what it said, of course.”


We learned a bit more about each other, from what we already knew. I can’t say how it will go. I don’t even know how I want this to go. But I’m happy to have M in my life. Before I moved to Brisbane, I struggled with being me. My oldest friend suggested I just needed to find my tribe. The people who love and accept me for just being. I have found them here, I’m still finding them in unexpected places. This one started with M.




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