My Mental Health Plan – 2

Step into my office. 


On first impression, my therapist is strange. Tall, wiry-thin. Curly grey mop on top with shaved sides. Round tortoiseshell glasses. A green white-speckled relaxed polo. Tucked into navy blue pinstriped dress-pants. Doesn’t matter, he made me tea.


At first, talking was hard. I wasn’t sure where to go, what to say. He wasn’t quite sure what to ask, where to dive, what to elaborate on. It was hard. Who even likes talking about things that upset them, or personal failings, or dashed dreams that didn’t work out, or adolescent emotional trauma that’s been buried coming on 10 years?


But we got there. He let me speak. He offered probing questions if I didn’t know what else to say. He let me come back to things and go deeper when things started connecting in my head.

“Tell me about your first relationships? Were they traumatic or disappointing for you?”

“Not really [talks about first boyfriend and why we split up – because I wanted to move around/travel and he was happy to stay put]”

~10 minutes later~

“Oh, but actually. Not intimate relationships, but very close friendships from primary & highschool have gone horrendously wrong. They could be considered traumatic and/or disappointing?”


So by the end of it, there’s a lot more that I want to say, and he’s easy to say things to.


Psychology doesn’t have to be reactive, you know, like if you are battling depression or anxiety or any number of other psychological conditions. It can be PROACTIVE, in the way that you’re seeking help because you want to equip yourself better for life. Before it get’s to be too much.


Until next session.




PS: Yes, I know my jeans have a rip in them. They’re on purpose. Yes, I paid money for them to be like that. No, they don’t need to be fixed 🙂



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