About me.

I used to have my life together, but I must have been much younger when I thought that. I’ve quickly found out that it was overrated and now I just do things and talk about it. ‘

You may find my words interesting. You may have a little chuckle. You may skip right over it because it’s not your cup of tea. Whatever this page gives you, it comes from my fingertips. Sometimes it’s soppy and emotional about whatever love/lust I’m foolishly throwing myself into. Sometimes it’s academically written with flare (I like to think). Sometimes it’s just rambling, which I can be quite good at.

Whatever it is, it will include song lyrics (my life is a musical, I’ve accepted it, you should too), obscure quotes from strange books (maybe not so strange to you, perhaps we have the same taste), and movies (I like to waste devote my time to both good and terrible films). Dripping with sarcasm and splashed with red wine.